Increasing your conversion rate leads to greater revenues

A higher conversion rate means more revenue for you and your company. Salespeople that know how to build and maintain rapport with prospects and have a systematized sales conversation process have the highest conversion rates. Non-traditional sales training and ongoing reinforcement training provides salespeople with the skills and tools needed to attain the highest conversion rates possible. Is Smart Systematic Selling right for you or your company? Find out by clicking the button below.
  • Mastering Communications

    Fostering key skills such as asking curious questions and practicing active listening to gain an understanding of what the prospect truly wants and needs.

  • Sales Methodology

    Learn a step by step guide to the sales conversation that naturally walks the prospect through their needs without the salesperson being pushy or aggressive.

  • Focused Intention

    Setting an intention for every contact with a prospect so the salesperson always knows what's next and never has to chase or get ghosted again.

S3 Boot Camp Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course | Download the Workbook!

    1. The History of Selling

    2. What Buyers Do

    3. Building & Maintaining Rapport

    4. One Upmanship

    5. Mirroring

    6. Sound

    7. Primary Representation Systems

    1. Introduction to the 5 Steps

    2. Agenda Step

    3. Ignorance is Bliss & Reversing

    4. Needs Assessment Step

    5. Money Step

    6. Decision Maker(s) Step

    7. Decision Maker(s) Scenario #1

    8. Decision Maker(s) Scenario #2

    9. Decision Maker(s) Scenario #3

    10. Presentation Step

    11. Presentation Response #1

    12. Presentation Response #2

    13. Presentation Response #3

    14. Presentation Response #4

    15. Inoculation Question

    16. Final Review

    1. S3 Dojo

About this course

  • $99.99 first payment, $29.99 / month onwards
  • 25 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Client Love!

“I've been working with Theophan for about six months now, and I started seeing improvements in my sales work almost immediately. The S3 System is easy to learn and surprisingly deep, and I enjoy every opportunity to practice, improve, and apply its techniques. As a trainer, Theophan excels at creating a safe environment to push your limits while also creating clear expectations that drive progress. Whether it's through one-on-one conversations where we can hammer out how to handle particular prospects, or through group sessions where we have quality time to role-play, I know that every minute with Theophan is going to add value to my work.”

“Theophan’s Smart Systematic Selling course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to develop their sales skills, get more business and ultimately be more successful. It is such a fantastic community, working with multiple business owners and professionals. Not only are you learning the steps and psychology of selling, but you also have opportunities to role play and put what you know into practice, making it more realistic, but fun at the same time. From my time with Theophan and this community, I have developed my knowledge and skills at a much greater level and my confidence in delivery has improved dramatically.”

“Theophan McKenzie is quietly powerful and deeply effective as an executive sales coach and the curator of his S3 system of selling.… I have over 15+ years in sales … and the best way I can describe Theophan’s impact on my work is that I am feeling and behaving more like a professional sales person who not only understands my time is as valuable as my clients, I truly believe it. It permeates every step of his system and empowers me along the way. Thank you Mr. T, I pity the fool who does not make the time to look at your work in non-traditional, modern selling and how it transforms average sales folks into powerhouse sales pros.”

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