S3 Boot Camp Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome to the Course | Download the Workbook!

  • 2

    Preliminary Concepts

    • The History of Selling

    • What Buyers Do

    • Building & Maintaining Rapport

    • One Upmanship

    • Mirroring

    • Sound

    • Primary Representation Systems

  • 3

    The Sales Conversation

    • Introduction to the 5 Steps

    • Agenda Step

    • Ignorance is Bliss & Reversing

    • Needs Assessment Step

    • Money Step

    • Decision Maker(s) Step

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #1

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #2

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #3

    • Presentation Step

    • Presentation Response #1

    • Presentation Response #2

    • Presentation Response #3

    • Presentation Response #4

    • Inoculation Question

    • Final Review

  • 4

    Going Beyond this Course

    • S3 Dojo


S3 Creator

Theophan McKenzie

Theophan has been working as a professional coach in private practice since 2006. Prior to transitioning into professional coaching he worked in outside sales, inside sales, route sales, and has served as an account executive, sales manager, and vice president of sales. In 2015 Theophan put pen to paper and developed a non-traditional method of selling that came from his more than 20 years in sales. His approach as a salesperson has always been to put the prospect first. To listen to what they are sharing and to determine whether or not the product or service he was selling would be a good fit for the prospect. As a result his clients see him as a trusted advisor as opposed to a sleazy salesperson.

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