Sales Training for the Modern Salesperson

  • Deeper Connections

    Connect with prospects in a non-salesy way and be seen as a trusted advisor as opposed to a sleazy salesperson.

  • Stupendous Growth

    Predictably increase your closing ratio, generate more revenue, and visit the bank more often.

  • Focused Intention

    Always know what's happening next with your prospective clients. Never chase or get ghosted again.

S3 Boot Camp Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome to the Course | Download the Workbook!

  • 2

    Preliminary Concepts

    • The History of Selling

    • What Buyers Do

    • Building & Maintaining Rapport

    • One Upmanship

    • Mirroring

    • Sound

    • Primary Representation Systems

  • 3

    The Sales Conversation

    • Introduction to the 5 Steps

    • Agenda Step

    • Ignorance is Bliss & Reversing

    • Needs Assessment Step

    • Money Step

    • Decision Maker(s) Step

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #1

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #2

    • Decision Maker(s) Scenario #3

    • Presentation Step

    • Presentation Response #1

    • Presentation Response #2

    • Presentation Response #3

    • Presentation Response #4

    • Inoculation Question

    • Final Review

  • 4

    Going Beyond this Course

    • S3 Dojo

What Our Students Think

Theophan is an Amazing Teacher!

by Elise Buie, Founder, Elise Buie Family Law Group, PLLC

"I have done sales training with Theophan and wow, does he know his stuff. Theophan is an amazing teacher and shares his passion for sales in such an enjoyable manner. I recommend Theophan to anyone who wants to serve more clients and do so in a way that is genuine and comfortable."

Will Revolutionize the Way You Sell!

by James Tsikerdanos, Area Sales Rep, American First Financial

"Speaking as someone who has done sales for a quite awhile and comes from a family of sales people, I am really really impressed by how great S3 brings focus and clarity to a myriad of sales methodologies. I have read dozens of books, attended other trainings, and consider myself a good salesperson already. With S3 I am becoming greater then I was before. With clear steps and processes you can't go wrong. S3 is a system that will revolutionize the way you sell and increase your close ratio, no doubt."

Sky-high Confidence When Selling!

by Derek Pangelinen, Owner, Derek Ray Consulting

“Theophan teaches from a wealth of experience and knowledge. This approach is tried and tested, and he had solid answers for every question I brought up. Before the series was over, I was already applying much of the content. Now that I’ve completed the training, my confidence is sky-high!”

The S3 System is Easy to Learn!

Nathanial Miller, Business Development, Pristine Tech

"I've been working with Theophan for about six months now, and I started seeing improvements in my sales work almost immediately. The S3 System is easy to learn and surprisingly deep, and I enjoy every opportunity to practice, improve, and apply its techniques. As a trainer, Theophan excels at creating a safe environment to push your limits while also creating clear expectations that drive progress."

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